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Grafonževa domačija  v dolini reke Ščavnice
Grafonževa domačija v dolini reke Ščavnice

  Grafonž homestead stands in the village Zgornja Ščavnica, where hills are surrounding the beautiful valley.
Beautiful brick and partly wooden house, owned by the Urbanič family, carrying the name Grafonž homestead for the fourth generation. Homestead, built in 1841 in traditional Styrian style, consist of a house, two outbuildings, hayrack, bee house, a well, linseed drying hut and a wooden toilet. There is also an arched cellar made from old bricks under the house. The homestead has the status of a local ethnological monument and represents an excellent example of rural detoxification when learning about the farmyard and antique objects from the past.

Skupna kuhinja
Skupna kuhinja


The farm has a unique charm because of the old bee house with 38 Viennese beehives.
When entering the house, one can notice an incredible open space for gatherings and different events.
The place is full of antique objects, collected and stored over the years on the farm. There is also an old wood-fired oven, stretching into the smaller room.

There are also two living units in the attic and a shared kitchen on the ground floor. Apartment Jug (meaning south), overlooking the garden, has four beds and a bathroom. Apartment Sever (meaning north), overlooking the meadow and a forest, has three beds and a bathroom.
At the Grafonž homestead, it is possible to spend several days of vacations, unwind from everyday concerns, and relax. In the rooms on the ground floor of the house, one can sense the beat of the past just by looking at the antique objects in their original forms.